Monday, December 10, 2007

Orgasms and toys and stuff

I had sex last night. Or rather.. We had sex last night. T and I. It was very, very nice. I rode him until I came, using one vibrating egg inside with (with his dick) and one egg on my clit. Then I lay on my back with my feet on his shoulders while he fucked me and came inside me. That's my two favorite possitions in one go! I haven't had an orgasm while having sex with someone for a couple of weeks, at least, and g-spot orgasms are so much better than the usual clitoral ones.

Actually, I'm kinda lying now. I've never had a proper g-spot orgasm, because it always takes something on my clit to make me come. However, if my g-spot is stimulated, I come longer and harder than usual. This is one of the reasons why I love sex, expecialy haveing a guy's cock inside me. I can make it rub against all the right places, and I come so hard. I always use vibrators when I come. I have had orgasms without them, but they are always shorter, more shallow and generally take a lot more work. So not using any toys just isn't worth it. I'd rather not have an orgasm at all than getting so frustrated because I can't get a good one. I'm very happy that T understands this, and doesn't mind that I bring the toys to bed with us.

I currently have four toys that I use with some regularity. My first and foremost favorite is a small, red-and-back tiger striped egg. Picture: The tiger egg The control doesn't have any steps so I can fine-tune it to vibrate as hard or as soft as I'd like. It's very versatile, because I can use it both on the outside, on my clit, and inside in my pussy. I often use it on my clit while having sex, or even inside me together with T's dick to make me even more filled up.

My second favorite is also an egg, and I often use it in conjunction with the first one, one on the inside and one on the outside. This one has 5 different settings, three that are pulsating at different speeds and two that are constant, one harder than the other. The really cool thing about this egg, which is a bit larger than the tiger striped one, and silver in colour, is that the vibrations are so much harder than any other egg I've ever encountered. That's because it uses a larger battery. In stead of the regular AA bateries that regular vibrators use, this egg has a 3volt battery, like the one you might find in a flash light. It's very nice. Here is a picture of it: The silver egg

My third toy, which I use a lot, especially when I'm mastrubating, is a pink plastic vibrator. It's very smooth and doesn't have a dick-shape at all, which I like. I think dick shaped stuff that aren't real dicks are stupid and have never understood the point. Picture here: The pink vibrator

The fourth and final toy is also a vibrator, but it's made of pale blue silicone. Here's what it looks like: The blue dolphin It smells a bit like plastic, but I don't really mind. The front is shaped like a dolphin's head, so that the snout comes in handy for stimulating my g-spot. It is thicker and with a weaker vibration than the pink one, but that's nice when I want to be filled up. Another really cool thing about this one is that it's completely water proof! I've had a lot of fun with that one in the shower. I think this is enough ranting for one night. I'll post some more here whenever I get the time.

Oh, and one last thing; Just so you know, I'm on birth control pills and have been since I was 16.

And within a couple of days, I'm getting my period, something I'm not looking forward to.  I hate having my period when I'm full of hair, I just feel so unclean and yucky. So I'm planning on shaving my pussy tonight, probably a dry shave because I can't bother taking a shower. As long as I don't do it too often, and my hair is pretty long, dry shaving works just fine.

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