Sunday, September 27, 2009

Increased frequency

This spring and summer, I haven't had much sex. I was pretty certain that would pass once both T and I got back to work/school, and got more routine into our daily lives again. And I was right.

Remember, we had sex last weekend? Well, we had sex today as well. Another round of weekend-morning-sex, which you know I love. It's a long time since we've had sex as often as once per week, and I really hope this trend will continue. Perhaps we'll be able to increase the frequency even more... I'd really like that!

T is really great with his fingers. I lay over his legs, touching and sucking his cock, while he stimulated my g-spot. After a while, I couldn't focus on his cock anymore, the stuff he did to me was just too good. We used some water based lube, which felt kinda odd after having used the silicone based for so long, but it worked like a charm. I'm not sore at all now, and it's just been a few hours. The orgasm I got from his fingers was really, really good.

Afterwards, we fucked, using that position we've discovered that doesn't strain T's back: Him lying on his back, propped up on some pillows. Me between his legs, my legs underneath his, like a mixture of a backwards cowgirl and a laying/sitting doggy style. Tricky to explain. While I "rode" him (not the right term, but I did most of the moving so it's somewhat appropriate), he used his thumb around my anus. Not inside, just applying some pressure and stimulation on the outside. It felt really, really good. That area is really sensitive. The best thing about this position was that I made him come. Usually, there isn't enough stimulation, as I can't get the tempo high enough. But today, it worked very well indeed. 

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