Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An eventful few days

A lot of stuff has happened these last few days. As it involves several people, I'll break it down by person in stead of giving a chronological account like I use to.

First and most importantly, T and I are now engaged. This Saturday, the 15th of May 2010, was our 5th anniversary as a couple. And late in the evening on the 15th, he asked me to marry him. Obviously I said yes, and now we are officially engaged.

We were at another BDSM weekend-party at a cabin outside of Trondheim. He wanted to propose on our anniversary, come hell or high water, even though we were in a cabin full of people. A said he wanted to talk with me, so we searched out the most private spot we could find, and that's when he did it. This also means that a cabin full of people knew before I got to tell my parents or anyone else. :P

We can't afford rings and such, but he did something really nice and thoughtful. He'd secretly fetched a special ring from my jewelry box, and used it to propose with. It was originally my great-granfather's wedding band, that my grandmother had made into a woman's ring by getting a pearl attached and shrinking it down. I was given it for my confirmation when I was 15, but have never worn it as it's too big for me. To be frank, I'd almost forgotten I had it. As that ring has a historical significance and means a lot to me, I think proposing with it was a beautiful gesture. I'm currently wearing it on a chain around my neck, as it's too large, but I've been meaning to get it shrunk for years. Now I have real incentive to get it done. I'll use it as a placeholder until we can get our own rings.

At the party, the evening before the proposal, T and I teamed up and seduced another woman. I realize this sounds very callous and preplanned, but it was truly more of an accident. We just know each other well enough that we're able to build on what the other starts. Through good teamwork and a great deal of luck and timing, we ended up giving this girl an orgasm. I'm naming her ET in this blog, I don't think I've used those letters yet. The next night, I think all three of us were more prepared for what might happen. We weren't prepared for how far we'd go though. The first night, T fingered her to an orgasm while I worked her upper body. The second night, I went down on her (oh how I've missed doing that to a woman!) and fingered her, giving her an orgasm. Then I went down on T, having him cum in my mouth. I even managed to swallow it all, something I haven't even attempted in years. It's still not a pleasant experience, but it's doable. Besides, swallowing means less mess. Whilst I was sucking his cock, he was fondling and fingering ET, and I think she was touching him too. To be honest, I was quite preoccupied with his dick and didn't pay much attention.

T and I have talked a lot about ET these last few days, and we'll try to keep in touch with her. Whether anything more sexual happens in the future, or if we've just gained another friend, I don't know. In either case, it's a win-win-win situation. Though I hope we have at least one more threesome. ET and T owes me an orgasm. :P

On Sunday, after we made it home from the cabin, T and I had sex. And it was truly great sex. Apparently, our exploits with ET has inspired him somehow. He spent much more time on foreplay now than he usually does, taking more care. He even went down on me, which felt simply divine! I came twice while riding him. Although I was so sore afterwards I couldn't walk straight, it was definitely worth it! The sex felt somewhat like the kind of sex we used to have when we just got together. I hope we have more sex like that in the future.

At the party I also played a bit with Mondage. He'd gotten some new stuff which we tried out, but I feel there's more experimenting to be done later. I obviously tied him up in several different ways. For example, I tied his hands to a robe in the ceiling and then made him stand on just one foot. I also had him try to maneuver in and out of cages with tied down, as well as removing his socks with bondage mittens on. It's fun to see him struggle. I am however getting tired of just leaving him alone, hogtied and gaged. I can't leave the room because he's my responsibility, but he prefers just being left alone. He'll suffer almost anything I do to him, but it's just to amuse myself. It doesn't do anything good for him, he'd prefer to be left alone. I wish there was some activity that he'd enjoy as well. Preferably an activity where I could be involved, not just sitting on the side watching him enjoying a hogtie.

While Mondage was tied up, on our second evening at the cabin, I played a bit with another guy. I won't even bother naming him, as I doubt we'll play again. He's new to the club, doesn't know much, and I didn't really feel like I could affect him. We didn't.. Connect. I didn't even try to place myself above him, I just did the physical stuff. I used to feel like I was getting more in tune with my Dominant side, but lately it's waned again. All I can do these days is tie people up, slap and poke them a bit, and hope I'm pleasing them somehow. I hope it's just mood related, as being Domiant and Sadistic used to be a lot of fun. I think the Sadistic tendencies are still the strongest, but it's no fun being a Sadist if the one your hurting doesn't want to be hurt. Perhaps I'll find a nice masochist to play with in Oslo. One could always hope.

I think I've covered most of it now. Quite an eventful few days, don't you think? :)

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