Monday, July 5, 2010

Busy times

Vacations, moving and other stuff going on. So very little time to actually do stuff in front of the computer. This is just to write stuff down before I forget it:

About one and a half week ago, we were in London. We stayed at a hotel. We had sex in the hotel room. It was cool to have done it there. Haven't had sex in a hotel before, I think.. :)

In the beginning of this week, the one day we had back home in between all the traveling, we had sex. I wasn't really in the mood, because I was tired and had a lot on my mind. But he was just stroking me and cuddling.. And when I discovered he had a hard on, I just had to touch it.. And so obviously, I couldn't resist. :P

I like that even though we're busy and stressed, we still have sex. It's a good sign.

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