Friday, September 24, 2010


This week is rather intense.

Monday: Social meeting at a BDSM organisation for students and young people (people under 40-ish).

Tuesday: The usual social meeting at the local BDSM club, same as every tuesday. Every second Tuesday is open to everyone, and once per month the open café does an introductory speech to inform newcommers about rules and such. I brought with me two newbies I'd met at the munch outside of Oslo last week, as well as one guy from the meeting on Monday. They all seemed to have a good time.

Wednesday and Thursday I've spent playing Red Dead Redemption on our new Playstation 3, cooking, doing laundry and other housewively chores and hangig out with T.

Tomorrow, Friday, it's Members Night at the BDSM club. That's almost like a party, but the bar doesn't serve alcohol (you may bring your own) and you have to arrive between 8pm and 8:30pm. That is so that no one has to man the door all night. From what I've heard, there's a lot of playing and such going on. So I'm looking forward to that.

Satuday evening, the BDSM club hosts a Coctail Party. T, my fiancee, is probably going to attend that party. That means I have the house to myself. I'll spend the evening and night playing with Corvus. It'll be so nice to have several hours with him where we're not just crammed into his car.

That's for plans and such. But I didn't say much about what happened on Monday and Tuesday. Ofcourse, I had Corvus with me. And ofcourse we played a bit. The most important thing that happened was on Monday: I took Corvus out shopping. And he bought me something, on the agreement that I would use it occationally when playing with him. It's the first time a submissive has actually bought me anything expensive. It felt odd, but nice too. Anyhow, Corvus has got a fetish for certain things, and it's so fun to stimulate that fetish. His reactions are just wonderful to see. And taking him out shopping for it was fun. He hasn't alowed himself to enjoy the fetish so openly out in public before, I think.

Last week, I bought Corvus a present, as I knew it was his birthday this week. I bought him his own collar. I've used my "generic collar" on him once, but what I always ment to be a generic collar is too strongly associated with Mondage. So it isn't generic, it's Mondage's. Even though we never concidered it as such when we used to play. Anyhow, Corvus liked that I used a collar of my own choosing on him. And I enjoyed the consept, although it didn't feel quite right to me then because of that particular collar.

So anyhow, I bought a collar for Corvus. And on Tuesday, I had him kneel before me as I collared him with it for the first time. I've used collars on him before, but this one is special because it was selected by me to be his. Given by me. I told him that he should always bring it whenever he came to see me. He didn't have to wear it all the time, but it should be with him.

He wore it that entire night, at the BDSM club. And underneath his clothes, he also wore a full body harness that I'd made on him earlier. We left the club early, to have an hour or so of playtime at home. Once we were done, and he was very horny but also very tired, I gave him perhaps the strictest order I've given him so far: He would not cum until further notice. He accepted it, as I felt fairly certain he would.

And to make that part just a hint harder on him, I sent him a text message today. Tonight, he's gone to bed with some of the items he's got a fetish for. He's also wearing leather cuffs locked to his wrists and ancles. I told him I wanted him to enjoy it. But not cum.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and especially to Saturday. I think this weekend is going to be fun.

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