Monday, October 25, 2010

Chasing down the prey

I forgot to mention something in my last entry. I played with Corvus on the 12th of October too. And I finally got him to come. That was fun, another point checked off on my to-do list.

On Friday, I played with Corvus again. Like most times we play these days, it's in the back of his car. It's got six attachement points in the floor as well as four (I think) high on the walls. It's got light. It's even got heat, which is an absolute must now that winter has arrived. On the floor is a carpet, and on top of that is a thin matrass. The latest additions are two blankets. Sure, it could have been bigger. But concidering the fact that we're playing in the back of a car, it's pretty damn awsome.

But I digress, what I wanted to talk about was what happened the next day. Saturday, there was a party at the BDSM club. T wanted me to go as a submissive for once. Partially because it's been a while since we've done anything like that, and partially to show the other people there that we're actually a couple. Because so far, we've not done much with eachother while we've been there.

I had just come down with a cold and was feeling rather tired from the past two weeks of work, so unfortunately I wasn't up for much playing. However, I don't always need the play either, so I didn't really mind. I can feel my whole attitude changing when I get the collar on, regardless of wether we're in a session or not. And apparently, other people notice this change in me too. I got a couple of comments. It felt nice to just be a sub, not having to decide or boss people around for once.

There was a woman there, whom I'm naming L. L is about my size, but with larger boobs. She's a bit older than me, and obviously more experienced. She's bisexual, and we've traded a few complements and such before. She and T hadn't really talked much, but when he saw how fascinated she was by me, he wanted to take advantage of it. Long story short, we ended up spending at least a couple of hours on the couch up in the attic. L, T and I. She went down on me, and she was really, really good at it. T fingered both me and her. I went down on T, and she even helped out a little. None of us came, because we were distracted from the talk and merriment that went on downstairs. But it was highly enjoyable even so. She seemed pleased with the experience, and I don't think it'll be that hard to make her do it again.

When we got home, T and I talked a little about L and what had happened. This isn't the first time we've shared a woman, but it doesn't happen often. We both love it. Chasing her down is a challenge, the teamwork is fun and the sex is ofcourse highly enjoyable. And I feel that as we share the experience it brings us closer together. I like that.

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