Saturday, December 4, 2010

A ratio of 3:1

Again, I haven't updated the blog in a while and lots of stuff has happened. Last weekend, we went to a private party at the BDSM club. Afterwards, I brough corvus home with me while T was staying at DW's house. Then followed (or, more precicely, continued) a long weekend of playing. We did so much, there's no way I can catch it all in this blog. What I remember the best are these things:

Sitting on top of him, partially lying down, holding him so he can't get loose. He's struggling, but has to give in to me.
The butterfly nipple clamps, again and again. He's getting sooo sore, and yet loving it.
Making him touch me, taste me. Sitting on his face, putting my boobs in his mouth, taking his hand and placing it between my legs. His insecure, gentle and yet so responsive and alert touch. Responding to my every move, my every word, my every sound. Teaching. I love teaching.
Putting plastic clamps on his balls and watching him squirm and moan. Eventually he broke. (Not my plan, but I saw it happening and rolled with it.) One day, I will make him scream in main. Preferably behind a gag.
Cuddling after a long night of playing, falling asleep on his arm.
Continuing playing long into the morning and afternoon the next day, at any time being able to grab him.
Comming, three times. Once from him fingering me (with some help from a vibrator on the clit) and twice with the stubby (while he was sucking and cuddling my nipples).
Him comming once. I like the 3:1 ratio.

The rest of that Sunday, I walked on clouds. I was in a comfortable, fuzzy daze. Very, very nice. The effect even remained partially into Monday, too.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we met again, and both days we were going to the BDSM club. Tuesday for a munch and Wednesday for a bondage munch. Both evenings, we ended up in the back of the car, and we stayed there for waaay longer than we should have. Got to bed after 1:15am both days. It took it's toll, but it was fun. Worth it, I think.

I've come to realise that I trust corvus more than I thought I'd ever trust a plaything. He's more than just a plaything, though. He's a friend, a confidante. If we'd actually had sex, I'd call him a lover. I enjoy spending time with him and over the last few months we've gotten to know eachother fairly well. I trust him enough that I'd be willing to switch with him, if T had let me. Corvus is a switch with a growing dominant side. I've just started discussing this with T, but we having concluded anything. For now there is no doubt that I remain the Dominant one, and that doesn't bother me. I love being on top.

The recurring themes these days have been nipple play and crossdressing. Both turn him on, both scare him a bit.. And so I enjoy doing both. The crossdressing isn't a turn on for me, but his REACTIONS to the crossdressing certainly are. And I keep finding things he doesn't wish to do... There's just so much material to work on!

It's all good. :)

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