Thursday, January 20, 2011

Interlude: A party outside of town

While all this crap was going on, ofcourse our daily lives continued. T, Corvus and I went to a party at a friend's house outside of town. We were celebrating the second aniversary of their new, fairly small BDSM club.

Corvus was not doing well. On one hand he was happy to be out and about, seeing people and functioning.. On the other side, he was clearly stressed and depressed and didn't know how to handle it. He broke down in tears, practically without me touching him, three times during 24 hours.

At least T had a good time. He was hanging out with Flower as well as being social with others in that club. That scene concists mainly of people under 40, so we were all fairly young and many shared some rather geeky hobbies. All three of us spent the night there, and the next day T stayed behind whilst Corvus and I went home.

I'm absolutely thrilled that T had such a good time. Being solicided, invited and encouraged by another woman like that is great for his self-esteem! I also view him having more sex as a pluss for us as a couple, almost regardless of whom that sex is with. Sexual activity breeds sexual activity, meaning that in periods when he's active with others, we typically have more sex too. Or, if we're not in the mood for sex, then at least we're more affectionate and cuddly and happy. So everyone benefits from this, it's not just some crazy altruistic thought that doesn't lead to anything good. (See, I'm not nuts. :P )

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