Thursday, February 10, 2011

How not to go to a much

Tuesday last week, Corvus and I were supposed to go to a munch at the local club. We met up after work and did a few erands, before parking the car and getting in the back. The "Dungeon Express", as it's been so fittingly named. We'd agreed only to play with the bondage fetish that day, no submission/dominance and nothing heavy or intense. He'd been very much involved beforehand, planning the session with me.

I locked leather cuffs on his wrists and ancles and tied him in a hogtie. I lay on his side, as this was what he said he'd prefer. He was left alone for about an hour. The car isn't big, so as I was sitting next to him reading silently to myself, we touched occationally. It was nice to have such a close contact with him, and yet being separate. The close confines of the car made it all feel safe and just very nice.

After about an hour or so, he needed to move his limbs a bit. I loosened the hogtie and tied him with his arms in front in stead. Then I proceded to play a bit with him. Nothing heavy: Petting, stroking, scratching and gentle use of my mouth. He told me I could be a bit more rough, and so I was. Still nothing really heavy.

Beforehand, I hadn't expected the play to go much further than that. However, I hadn't taken into account the effect this had on Corvus. He got very horney, and although THAT was expected, I hadn't expected him to want to do something about it. So while his hands were cuffed together and I was leaning over him, pinching his nipples and biting his ear lobes, he jerked off. And came. It wasn't easy for him, he even got a shallow wound on his hand from the edge of a cuff, but he did it.

And although it wasn't submission and dominance like we'd done before, it was still fulfilling. I enjoyed seeing him enjoy himself, I enjoyed the physical power given to me as I tied him up and teased him. I admit, I missed the mental submission, but I was prepared for it.

Oh, and we never made it to the munch that night. In stead, we spent the evening in the car, cuddling and talking through what had happened and how we felt about it. As the day ended, I was expecting all our future play sessions to be somewhat similar for at least another few weeks. Possibly a couple of months. As my next blog entry will show, that was not the case.

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