Monday, September 5, 2011

A busy weekend.

There's a lot of stuff going on these days. A lot of people. I can't possibly keep a record of everything, but I'll give you guys a summary at least.

T and I are doing good these days. At least I think we are. We're both working full time, which leaves little time and even less energy to do much else. But we've had an evening or two each week relaxing together on the couch, waching TV-series or just talking. Those evenings are the best part of the week.

Still playing, and there are bruises to prove it. We met up on Friday AND on Sunday. So it's been a busy weekend. He's been sick a couple of times these past two weeks, and I worry it's something about his inner ear or sense of balance, as he describes it as being sea-sick. Trying to convince him to see a doctor.

A new guy I've played with twice now. Met him through a BDSM youth group, and brought him along to the BDSM club I frequent the most. We played and it was fun. Met up again on Saturday, this time in his appartement. Did bondage, teasing and spanking. (He really can't take much pain at all.) Ended up with having him jerk himself off. It felt natural and right that I never had my clothes off and he didn't have anything to do with my sexuality. He's moving abroad in about a month anyway, so I don't care to get further involved with him. This was just a bit of fun.

Not into BDSM, he's a friend I've known for a few years. We've been flirting for about a year, since he left his girlfriend of 15+ years. He's got low self-esteem and I thought it would be good for him to have someone pay him attention and tell him what a nice guy he is. I spent the night at his place on Saturday, and we flirted and cuddled. A lot of hugs and a few kisses, a bit of fubling but nothing below the belt. I slept next to him, but I was fully dressed. So fairly innocent, really. I think he might hold the record of the oldest man I've ever kissed, though.

And me...? I'm getting more involved in the BDSM club here. Tomorrow, I'll be giving the tour and the introductory lecture for all new members. And on Saturday, I'll be tought how to run the bar at parties. :)

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