Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playing the bitch

He's lying in the bathroom now, in the dark. All tied up. First in cling film, then in ropes.

Earlier, I've fed him lime juice, habanero sauce and ginger root. His mouth is still burning. I've also been feeding him a fair amount of coke. Because I only want him hurting when I want him hurting, not the rest of the time. I've used an O-gag, and smeared his drool all over his face.

I've given him tasks to perform, like Cinderella, kinda... Just without any available hands, and with no doves or mice to help him. He failed. Every attempt more spectacular than the last. I only cheated a little, mostly the tasks were impossible to begin with.

The last thing I told him, before leaving him tied up on the floor, in the dark, was: "Are you really greatful for what I do to you? It doesn't seem that way. It seems like you on purpose cross me. You've really disapointed me today." Then  I left him. Alone to think and mull that over.

It's all bullshit of course. He knows that, deep down. It's been SO hard to keep myself from grinning like a madwoman each time he failed a task. In stead I tut and complain.

This will all be leading up to quite a climax. There's a reason why I've used cling film. Why he's on the bathroom floor. Why I've been feeding him terrible things all day, and having him drink lots of coke as well.

I'll update this blog later on.

Update, twenty minutes later:
I checked that he was doing ok, physically. Asked him if he wanted more, which he did. I then preceded to talk him futher down, slap him lightly on the face, and lastly spit him in the face. Twice. Then I left him alone again. In the dark.

Update, afterwards:
It worked! :D

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