Thursday, April 26, 2012

New toys

I was going to post a sex-related meme. But upon reading it closer, I realised that most of it wasn't about sex after all. Besides, I usually hate other people posting memes, so why should I make the same offence?

It's been a while since I updated this blog, but not much has happened. Tight has been sick for ages. One thing relieving the other. His back, his eye, his mouth, his back again, his stommack etc... It's getting silly, how much that guy is getting sick these days. His back is still touchy, and can't take much manhandling. So a lot of the really fun activities I have planned, have been postponed indefinitly. Well.. Not indefinitly, but untill his back gets better. And we have no clue when that will be.

In the mean time, he's been paying off his (monetary) debt to me by buying me sex toys. Not the usual vibrating kind, but stuff more geared towards BDSM. Stuff I told him to get me, obviously. First, we bought a strap-on dildo. I already have a harness that I wan't to try out, but if it doesn't work (I got it terribly cheap a few years back), I'll buy a proper one myself. The second thing he bought for me (to use on him) was nipple clamps. These are horrible, wonderful little bity things. With small weights attatched. Lovely. Those, we've already tried out, and we both love them. :)

I'm really looking forward to tying Tight down and giving that ass of his a good fucking. His back isn't well enough for that yet, he's all tight (haha) everywhere. Including in his ass. So no, not yet, but it'll happen sometimes soon, I hope. I long to do this so much, that it's even affecting the kind of pictures I share on my Tumblr. T is accusing me of becoming very single-minded. The majority of my re-posted pics are of men, tied down in positions that makes them easy to fuck. And men getting fucked. :P

What can I say? I'm the kind of woman who knows what she wants. :)

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