Monday, May 21, 2012

Cock bondage and sensory deprivation

T and I had sex this weekend. He knows how much I love lazy morning sex, but he's usually not in the mood just after waking up. Well, this weekend was an exception, and it was very nice. I hope for more exceptions. :P

Sunday, Tight came over. I hadn't played with him for two weeks, and was getting restless. He wasn't quite in the right headspace, too much private stuff going on in his life these days. I tried to distract him as best as I could, and although he definitly enjoyed himself, I felt as though he wasn't all "there". Not much I can do about that, really, other than work with what I have.

He'd asked if we could try something I'd posted in my Tumblr stream, and I was happy to comply. Using only ropes, I placed him in a hogtie similar to this (illustration picture):
He loved it. After gaging and blindfolding him, I just sat there and listened to him moan. It was lovely. Ofcourse, a hogtie might be great for the sub, but it does eventually get a bit bornig for me. He's lying on all the good bits, after all. So I turned him around, still tied, and teased him for a while. Later on, we tried a similar position, but with the legs together.

After a break, we went back and played some more. He was getting pretty worn out, so I placed him on his side in a fetal position. Tied his legs together, his arms together and attached to the legs. A rope from his collar and down to his legs forced his neck down and in. Gag and blindfold, as before. However, for the first time I also tried removing another sense: His hearing. I made him listen to music, which didn't remove all sense of the outside world, but dulled the outside world to a pont where it could more easily be ignored. I had him listen to the sountrack to the new Jessie James movie, made by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. It's lovely, calm instumental music. No distubing vocals anywhere.

Not having slept much the previous night, Tight fell asleep. He was SO adorable lying there. :) I didn't let him sleep for long. It was good  to know he can relax that much in bondage that he actually falls asleep, even when he's wrapped up like a package.

On Wednesday, I'm bringing Tight to the dentist. He hasn't been to a dentist for many, many years, and his teeth are looking worse for wear. He needs them checked, and hopefully fixed. He really doesn't like dentists, so he needs my push to actually be able to go. I booked the appointment for him, and I'm comming with him. He is mine, and just like I would take a horse to the vet if it was sick, I feel a responsibility towards Tight as well. One takes care of one's property, after all. :)

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