Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Saint, my love

I´ve been playing with Saint for about one year and ten months now. We´ve evolved way past just play partners though. We are lovers, boyfriend/girlfriend and part-time room mates. I spend a few nights at his place every week, and the rest of the time I´m home with T.

It feels like we just started playing. I remember the eager, shy, passionate, uncertain boy that I got to know almost two years ago. Full of preconcieved ideas of what BDSM was and what he would and wouldn´t enjoy. He´s grown into a confident, happy, strong, eager and passionate man. I won´t go so far as to take the credit for all that developement, but I hope to have been a cathalyst and a good support on the way. And I´ve certainly helped bnroaden his horizons and tought him to enjoy a larger variety of experiences and sensations. 

When Saint submits, he does so with his whole heart. He expresses pleasure, pain and all the inbetweens with such a ferocity that it sometimes startles me. But I always enjoy it tremendously. I always know if something is off (though I might not always know what it is). I love how we can combine the mundane life of grocery shopping, computer gaming and museum visits, with the kinky, sexy stuff. Ofcourse things aren´t perfect, but I´m thoroughly enjoying my life with him. I´m proud of him, and I´m proud and very happy to be his dom, girlfriend and lover. And I love him.

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