Sunday, April 24, 2016

Three for three, and a low-five

I had a playdate with Donald today. During the day, I kept messaging Daisy (his fiancé), who was encouraging me to hurt and humiliate him. I didn't need the encouragement, but it's nice to know that she's happy to have me play with her man.

Donald is a pain slut, and he loves to have his ass played with. He also enjoys humiliation. Beforehand, while we were talking about what he could enjoy, and he mentioned several things that I've not got much experience with. I knew I would want to try those things, and learn from his wealth of experience.

He showed me how he prefers to carve ginger, and explained how figging is best done without any lube. Apparently the oils in the ginger root react poorly with lube, or some such. I showed it deep in his ass, and tied him in a hog-tie. I spanked him, scratched him and pinched him.

After a break, he showed me something else new: The combination of tiger balm and ice cubes, into his ass. He claims it feels like being struck on the ass hole with a sledge hammer. He was shouting, really shouting, when I showed the ice cubes into him. Obviously in pain. Even after the ice melted, the tiger balm made his ass sting and burn. He was gagged and I made him drool onto a plastic sheet. Once the gag was removed I rubbed his face with his own drool. After that, I dragged him into the bathroom. His mouth and face got washed with liquid soap. Twice. While he was rinsing, I gave him another round of spanking. Then I hurt him some more. And more.

The third session of the day took place in the bedroom. I tied him to the bed, put his feet above his head, and fucked him. Good and deep and long. I also made him suck and lick the strap-on dick (before showing them in his ass, for obvious hygienic reasons). First the pink one (mine) and then the HUGE black one (his). He begged me for it, both in his mouth and in his ass. I've never fucked him face-to-face before (always from behind). It was really intense, and almost too intimate. Not being "vanilla-like" cuddly in that possition felt a bit weird. But I got used to it.

Afterwards, he asked me if I would like to try fisting. This is something I've never done before, but I readily agreed. Always up for new experiences! We took it slow, with lots and lots of lube. Eventually, I got all my knuckles, even the knuckle of the thumb, well into his ass. Not all the way down to the wrist, but missing less than an inch. By then, he was getting too sore and we had to quit. I suspect my hand will have some minor bruises tomorrow, but it'll be worth it. Really fun, really intense experience.

Playing with Donald is challenging, but fun. Fun because he's got so much experience, and enjoys practically everything I do to him. I have almost endless options for play. Also fun because I can always trust that he will use codewords, if something is too hard, too much, or otherwise wrong. That means that I don't have to think FOR him, or code FOR him. I don't have to hold back.

But that's the challenging part too. Because if I don't have to worry about his well being at all, the only limits left to worry about are my own. I know I want to hurt him, but HOW MUCH do I want him to hurt? How much is too much, for me? Where are MY limits? I feel that Donald is challenging me, making me grow. To not care about him, not stop for him, is still difficult. It takes practice. That's also challenging, but I'm learning.

I'm glad I know such an experienced person as Donald. He's got a lot he can teach me.

P.S. Yes, I've now officially fucked three different guys in a week. With my strap-on. Go me!

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