Monday, October 24, 2016

Learning / experiencing

I've also participated in two workshops recently.

The workshops were done by Barkas and Addie, two very experienced shibari teachers. They hold similar workshops all over the world, and I really see why. They were fantastic! So knowledgeable, so helpful, so nice and funny, and surprisingly humble. I loved watching them tie, their dynamic was beautiful to see.

The first workshop was called "The Rope Interview", and concerned non-verbal communication and dynamics in rope. I went to this workshop with Saint, and I've never seen him "disappear" into a sub headspace that quickly. It was amazing! The workshop helped us take our rope play from a neutral "let's practice this knot"-dynamic to a clearer "dom/sub"-dynamic. We experienced how ropes can be play in itself, and not just a preamble to "proper" play.

Sure, we'll still have plenty of practice sessions. But it was fun to discover how much you could play with the sub's mind, using just a single rope.

The second workshop, on the very next day, was floorwork and basic suspension. I had a different rope bottom for this workshop. I was also really tired from the previous day, and I guess that made me more emotional. So whilst he was a really nice guy, and we got a decent dynamic when tying, it felt weird... I had all this development in my rope skills, these "aha!"-moments, and Saint wasn't there with me.

I learned a lot, though. Even if it was with the wrong guy. I learned a few new techniques. I've practiced some hitches, and learned a new one (the reverse munter's hitch aka kama hitch). And I've had fun with spontaneous, unplanned, non-symmetrical shibari. And I've done my first partial upside-down suspension, which was awesome (and scary).

As the workshop progressed, I just missed Saint more and more. That evening, there was a bondage party, and Saint wasn't really supposed to go. However, I managed to convince him to come anyway. We were both tired, but we had a fun time and the party. I got to show him a few of the new things I'd learned, and we had a really fun scene with bondage torture. He's becoming quite the masochist! I had great fun sucking his dick (which I love), and at the same time hurting his feet and toes in ways he's never before experienced. Pain and penis, two things I love that begin with P.

So yeah. Loved the workshops. Had a great time at the party. Adore rope bondage.

Love Saint.

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