Sunday, January 6, 2008

Simultaneous masturbation

We masturbated last night, T and I. It was really nice, because neither of us were in the mood for the whole consensual sex thing. He was in front of his computer, reading an erotic novel and watching some porn and such. I was lying in bed, reading an erotic magazine, all covered so I wouldn't freeze. And so we masturbated. It had nothing to do with the other person. There was no touching, no secret glances, no "ooo, let's masturbate in front of each other", no nothing. We might as well have been doing something completely different. It was very nice. This might sound odd to you people, but to me it demonstrates how close we are and how relaxed we are about our sexuality.

T often masturbates while I'm around, doing other (non-related) things. Our apartment is so small, it would be difficult to avoid. Neither of us feels like having sex every single day, and sometimes just having sex with yourself is nice too. It was odd for him at first, having someone there when he was doing it, but he's gotten used to it.

Last night, I wore my new handcuffs while masturbating. It was nice. I've worn my other pair (the replica hand cuffs) before, but they give very little mobility as they don't have a chain between the hands. The whole thing is just one piece, which also means that I can slip out of them if I try. They can't be tightened. My new ones are modern, with a short chain between the hands, and a double lock so that they can't be tightened by accident. It turns me on just having them on, because I really can't get loose.

While I was masturbating last night, trying to get a second orgasm, my tiger egg died. It was very frustrating, because I had very limited mobility and the vibrations in the tiger striped egg is a lot better than in my other one. However, I managed to come once more with just the other vibrator I had at hand (the dolphin). I wrote about my toys on the 10th of December 2007, so if you are confused you should read that entry. I'm going to have to get a new tiger egg. It's viability has been surprisingly long, close to two years in fact. I'm pretty sure it's a connection issue inside the egg itself, which has happened because I pull the cord too much. Oh well.. Pandora's Closet has an online shop as well as a real life one, so I think I'm getting one from them.

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  1. An Ex of mine got really mad at me for masterbating. She felt that I was insulting her performance and such. I thought about trying to explain, bu then remembered that I had two options. I could be right or I could be happy. I choose happy.