Sunday, March 22, 2009


We (T and I) wached more Beck-porn. This time it was one about a magical viking horn that makes women horny. I greatly prefer the first one we wached, as this one has annoying background music and a sillier story. Ofcourse, we only made it to the third sex scene before we stopped and went to have sex ourselves, but then that was the whole point.

For the first time in ages (I think it's been over a year), T went down on me. We actually did a 69, with me on top. It enabled him to breathe (which is what's been stopping us previously), while still allowing me to relax my body. Giving me the chance to keep giving him a blow job at the same time, was definitly an added bonus. *grin*

The penetrating sex itself was also very nice. Even though I was dripping wet, I still applied some lube. Afterwards, I wasn't sore at all, so I'll call that a sucess. Our position of choice this time was me riding him. It was actually the very first position in which I got an orgasm with a partner, back when I started having sex, which is why that position is rather special to me. True to form, I got a very nice orgasm today as well.

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