Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sub = fuck toy (fun for me, not as fun for him)

The new toys I told you about in my previous entry have seen some use. I just love the nipple clamps, and so does Tight. They are sweet and lovely when I first put them on him, and quickly progress to damn painful if I don't remove them quickly. And ofcourse pain is something I enjoy inflicting once in a while. :)

The strap-on hasn't seen it's intended use yet. Tight just isn't well enough, and we have realised his ass need some serious training before it can handle anything that large. We played last weekend, and reached a new first: He was able to come with something up his ass. Previously, it's been too much of a distraction to do any good. He also told me that he sometimes struggles to come because he feels ashamed or self-concious. I want to work on that, perhaps by taking away more controll from him.

We have used it for something else, though. I tied Tight down on the bed, with a blindfold and gag, and put the strap-on on him. His dick wasn't locked away, and it was getting a bit in the way. I worked around it, though, wrapping it in a towel and shoving it out in away. Then I rode the strap-on until I had a great orgasm. He didn't get to see, he didn't get any real pleasure from it, all he got was my thighs straddling him and the sounds of my orgasm. He was my sex-matrass, my toy to use as I wished. Will absolutely do that again.

I am getting somewhat frustrated these days, though. There seems to never be enough time for anything. Even when we have a whole afternoon and evening, it's typically 6 or 7 pm before we even get started. We can't be any quicker either, we need to work and eat after all. By 10 or 11 pm we are usually pretty tired and ready to sleep. And those are the good days. Mostly, we don't have the time to see eachother. Spring is always a busy time for me, and this year more than ever. I'm doing school stuff, applying for jobs, trying to work fulltime-ish and planning my wedding all at the same time. That doesn't leave much time for BDSM...

What I want is what I see in the pictures on my Tumblr stream. I want submission, closeness, him giving himself to me. When we do have time together, I usually just default to teasing and sexual stuff, because it's easier and more immediatly pleasurable (at least for me). So I'm just a Top, not a Dom. A somewhat controlling and demanding Top, true... :P But still... I want that submission, the giving and recieving. Soon.

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